About me


I’m Federica, I’m 100% Italian and five years ago I followed my husband in UK. It wasn’t simple leave our family and friends and start a new life in a different country, a not very sunny country! Anyway here we are, for how long? Difficult question….my husband is not answering….maybe it’s better to talk about me!!!

I’m an Endocrinologist and Diabetologist, with special interest in Endocrinology Oncology and lately in Nutrition. I had my degree and specialisation in Italy and I worked in a University Hospital with a very important Oncology Centre. Over the last few years my interest and passion about nutrition and healthy food has been growing, mostly because of the job with diabetic patients and the importance of a well balanced diet in their routine. During my second pregnancy I’ve started highlighting different ingredients and their health effects and at the same time I’ve started cooking my family recipes because I was missing home! Italy is the country of the Mediterranean diet,  ingredients are healthy and easy to cook. So I had the idea of this blog, a place where we can talk about healthy food and simple recipes.

This blog is based on scientific studies and I will only suggest a balanced nutrition.  You won’t find any restriction diets here.

So it’s time to talk….