My Granny’s linguine

This is one of my childhood recipes. Every flavour and aroma of this dish reminds me of summer, seaside, blue sky and warm sun. My Granny was born in the South of Italy (Calabria) and lived there about twenty years. After she married my Grandpa, she moved to the North of Italy (Valle d’Aosta), where winter was long and harsh. Memories and family traditions helped her start a new life. She kept all past stories and recipes for us and she taught us to cook because every lunch is a special occasion to celebrate family, love and food.

Lentils Soup

This soup is my daughter’s favourite one. My Granny cooked it for me and my brother and then my mum for Cecilia. It’s a really easy and healthy recipe. Lentils are tasty and nutritious. They are a good source of iron, folate, dietary fiber and protein. They are also very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium.